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Jet Hornet

Jet Hornet

DVD Audio Extractor 6.3.0

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 07:00 PM PST

DVD Audio Extractor is a powerful software DVD audio extracting / ripping tool. It can help you to extract audio streams from your favorite DVDs and save them as OGG, MP3, Wave or FLAC files. DVD Audio Extractor can also demux audio streams directly to pcm, mpa, ac3 or dts files. The newly added CD Image creating feature allows you to convert DVD to Audio CD in one step. DVD Audio Extractor features on its easy-to-use interface, ultra-fast extracting speed, rich audio formats support, multi-channel capability, resample to arbitrary sample rate, audio preview and much more. It's all what you needed to get audios out of DVD-Video discs, so that you can listen on MP3 Player, play on PC, record to CD or do anything else.

» Easy-to-use user interface
» Ultra-fast extracting speed
» Support all DVD audio formats
» Support multiple output formats
» Audio playback/preview
» Resample to arbitrary sample rate
» Batch processing


Now Playing Plugin for Winamp

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 06:57 PM PST

The Now Playing plugin allows you to easily publishing what you are listening to! The end result is something that could look like this on your web site!

The Now Playing plugin monitors the song you are listening to and publishes the data in various ways:
- Creates a XML file with information on that song. A file called now_playing.xml is created in your Now Playing plugin directory.
- The plugin also offers you the ability to FTP/SFTP that file to a server of your choosing after its updated.
- Create a ping with the song information.
- Post information on Twitter.

The idea is that you publish the XML up to your web server and then through some scripting magic, you can display your currently playing song or your recently played tracks. To make your web site more interactive, the plugin also retrieves the following information for you to use:

- URL of the album image cover art from (if found).
- Link to the product page for the CD (if found).
- Link to the Apple iTunes Music Store product page with the song
highlighted within iTunes (if found).


Sharpcrafters PostSharp v2.1.6.4

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 06:55 PM PST

Weave diagnostic capabilities into your application without modifying the underlying business logic.

Write out method calls, parameters, and other application state to your location of choice, such as a console, a file, or a network stream. You determine whether logging is controlled by a software switch or is enabled and disabled at build time.

Performance tracing
.NET performance monitoring tools are great, but few operate the level of granularity that most developers
require. With PostSharp, you can time the execution of critical methods and application execution paths to
pinpoint performance bottlenecks at the method level.

Exception handling
While useful for debugging, exceptions in production can reveal sensitive application information if exposed to end users. Change exception handling and tracing behavior to track down defects in both development and production code.

WinDriver Ghost Enterprise Edition v3.02.2996

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 06:42 PM PST

WinDriver Ghost - utility for backup set in the operating system drivers. Allows rapidly if necessary to restore all the drivers (eg, after reinstalling the system), as well as find the most recent version of the required drivers. Creates self-extracting archive (in the form of exe-file) and allows you reinstall the operating system is literally one click to restore all the drivers needed to work. However, be allowed to back up (or restore), not all but only part of the drivers ...

- Automatic Driver Update Feature.
- Automatic Driver Extraction and Re-Creation Feature.
- Stand-along EXE Installer Creation Feature.
- Advanced Driver Removal Feature.
- New Hardware Installation Wizard Feature.
- English, French, Chinese Interface and Document Available.
- Comprehensive Help and Online Support.


Pdf995 Printer Driver 11.12

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 06:38 PM PST

Pdf995 - software for creating documents of PDF. It has a simple and intuitive interface, creating a document with the command "Print" from any application (Pdf995 makes in the "Printers" a new virtual printer).

The Pdf995Suite is a combination of three of our products (Pdf995, PdfEdit995 and Signature995) providing an integrated solution for your document publishing needs. The Pdf995Suite is available as individual downloads so you can choose the level of functionality you desire. Pdf995 makes it easy and affordable to create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format. Its easy-to-use interface helps you to create PDF files by simply selecting the "print" command from any application, creating documents which can be viewed on any computer with a PDF viewer.

To create a PDF file:

Print a document from any application choosing the PDF995 printer from the printer dialog. Do NOT select "print to file." You will be prompted to enter the name of the PDF file you wish to create. The PDF will be automatically launched in Acrobat (pdfEdit995 may be used to configure this option).

The free version of PDF995 will display a sponsor page in your web browser each time you create a PDF file. If you would prefer not to see sponsor pages, you may download a license key for $ 9.95.

Please visit our site to see our FAQ, our software license or to contact us. Our FAQ contains instructions for installing Pdf995 on Citrix / Terminal Server and as a Shared Network Printer.

To edit a PDF file and configure pdf995:

pdfEdit995 is a free tool available for download at With pdfEdit995 you can customize your pdf995 output with an easy-to-use utility: Turn off auto-launch, preview and email documents, insert bookmarks, add links, combine files, change page orientation, add "Confidential" stamps, create PDF stationery , adjust image resolution, summarize documents, create batch print jobs from Microsoft Office applications and choose from several file naming methods to bypass the Save As dialog in Pdf995.

To add a Digital Signature or encrypt a PDF file:

Signature995 is a free tool available for download at Signature995 uses Microsoft Cryptographic technologies to give you 128-bit DES encryption, offering a high level of protection for all your Internet communications, including legal documents and financial transactions. Signature995 employs Microsoft digital certificate technologies to create and validate digital signatures. Signature995 can be used to restrict printing, modifying, copying text and images for PDF documents. It is both powerful and easy to use.

On file:
Enabling | reg code: Present (Keygen)
Language: English
File format: rar
Platform / OS: Windows ® XP/Vista/7

WinSnap v4.0.3

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 06:35 PM PST

WinSnap - a powerful tool to get screenshots in different modes. Removes full screen, active window, selected area. Intuitive interface, the ability to use different effects: insert "signature" (watermark as a graphic file), outline, shadow, rotation, reflection, scaling, color correction. Practically the only program that can capture screenshots of non-standard windows, which are not strictly rectangular in shape and keep them with clear or colored background.

In addition, the program can automatically correct some flaws in the plot, cast shadows, save in the most graphic formats. There are tools for drawing, such as an arrow, ellipse, rectangle, rounded rectangle. You can also put the text and produce a crop the image.

Modes of capture:
• The entire screen.
• The active window.
• A window belonging to a program.
• selection.
• Multiple independent windows.

WinSnap is a clean, fast, simple and user-friendly utility for taking and editing screenshots. It can easily capture windows of non-rectangular form with customized and transparent backgrounds, including Aero Glass on Windows 7 and Vista. WinSnap adds eye-candy drop shadows, reflections, rotations, watermarks and other effects on the fly. It supports a variety of image formats and provides advanced auto-save features.

Capture Native Aero Shadows
As promised, WinSnap 4 has an option to capture native window and menu shadows under Windows 7 and Vista. It actually works like "capture native shadows when possible". When it's not possible to capture native shadows, WinSnap adds its own shadow effect.

In-Place Color Effects
Color effects can be applied to the captured images: darken, lighten, grayscale and inverted colors. It's supposed to be used in combination with rectangular and ellipse selections when you want to highlight an area on the screenshot.

Smart Image Crop
Now you can crop a part of your screenshot in WinSnap. It looks like the standard "Crop" tool that any image editor has, but WinSnap takes into account the window form and shadow. Note the difference when you crop screenshots with native Aero shadows.

Copy / Paste Images with Transparency
It works with Office 2010 applications (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) and with WinSnap itself. When you copy a screenshot to the clipboard, WinSnap preserves its transparent and semi-transparent areas and shadows.

Minor Tweaks and Improvements
Since I'm reworking everything in WinSnap, there are lots of improvements in the UI and overall feeling. WinSnap 4 has a button on the taskbar, larger controls in the main window, improved region and object selection.

On file:
Enabling | reg code: Present (Patch)
Language: English
File format: rar
Platform / OS: Windows ® XP/Vista/7


Toolwiz Care

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 06:12 PM PST

Toolwiz Care - an application to increase computer performance, bug fixes, registry cleaning and disk management, and startup disk defragmentation, management processes and services, uninstall the installed programs and find duplicate files, password generation, and permanently delete files, access files and registry, bypassing API of the operating system, the rate of loading and monitoring the speed of network connection, using a total of more than 40 different instruments.

Key features:
Cleaning the registry (Registry Clean) - Registry errors slow down and may lead to the collapse of the system. This feature eliminates errors in the registry system to work like new.
Disk Cleanup (Disk Clean) - Unwanted files clog up the drive and slow down your system. This feature removes unnecessary files make the system work like new.
Purification of privacy (Privacy Clean) - This function Strips and traces the history of surfing.
Analysis of the disk (Disk Analyze) - This function will analyze the hard drive and tell a lot of useful information, such as disk space usage vashihfaylov and folders, zero size files, empty folders and large files on disk.

Optimizer System (System Optimizer) - Increases the speed of response and stability for slow computers.
Report startup (Startup Report) - This feature allows you to see the name and the download time of all components to be loaded after system startup.
Startup Optimizer (Startup Optimizer) - Optimizer loads all startup items. You can prevent or delay the loading of some of them to speed up the boot process.
Fast defrag (Fast Defrag) - This function provides a very fast and efficient defragmentation of hard drives for faster downloads and high-performance disk.
Plugin Manager (Plugin Manager) - This feature allows you to check the installed extensions in your system and lets you delete any unwanted ones.
Network Manager (Network Manager) - This function displays a list of programs that are connected to the Internet, and allows you to terminate any unwanted ones.

Process Manager (Process Manager) - This feature allows you to view all active processes and allows you to kill any of them with a simple push of a button.
Service Manager (Service Manager) - This feature gives you detailed information about the service of Windows, the system and allows you to stop or start any of them.
The separator files (File Splitter) - This tool provides a simple way to share the files into several parts, as well as combine multiple units into a single file.
Checking files (File Checker) - This tool allows you to get information for files. Such as file size, the value of MD5/CRC32/SHA1, with a digital signature file or not.
protection Eye (Eyes Care) - This feature allows you to keep your health with a positive view of testing every few hours.

Time Freeze - Creates a virtual environment as a copy of the real system, and keeps a real system in the initial state. Prevents your computer from unwanted changes or malicious threats that cause harm to your computer. It helps you to prevent changes / viewing files and access to protected folders other. Protects your files from viruses or trojans.
Virtual Safe Deposit Box (Virtual Safe) - Safe - an ongoing virtual disk encryption. You can create multiple Safes on your system and put the important and private data. Without password no one can open the safe and view its contents.
Imnogoe more ...

Information about the program:
Year: 2012
Platform: Windows ® XP/Vista/7
Language: English + Russian
Medicine: Not required / Free
Format: rar
File size: 4.79 MB


Online Armor Premium v5.5.0.1557 Final

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 06:07 PM PST

Online Armor - a firewall, which protects your computer when the user is logged in and goes to various sites. Provides several ways to protect, including the program does not run that gave the user permission to run. So if you go to a dangerous site, then it can not silently install malicious software - Online Armor will not allow it. In standard mode, most activities will be carried out automatically on a "white list", available in a given firewall. In addition to the functions of the program has a firewall and other features to fully protect your PC.

Online Armor Free provides several methods of protection, including does not run programs that the user does not give permission to run. So if you go to a dangerous site, then it can not silently install malicious software - Online Armor will not allow it.
In standard mode, most activities will be carried out automatically on a "white list", available in a given firewall. In addition to the functions of the program has a firewall and other features to fully protect your PC.

Key Features:
- Online Armor Personal Firewall has a simple design that makes him understandable, even for novice users.
- For advanced users, there is the advanced mode, which allows you to create more advanced rules.
- Protection from running unknown applications.
- Elements of startup. On page «Startup Items» in the Online Armor, you can view and edit the list of programs that run at startup.
- Setting the monitor. Online Armor will alert you if the program will try to change your home page in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera.

Year: 2012
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
House. Page:
Language: Ml / Russian / English
Medicine: (serial)
Size: 28.22 MB

SafenSoft SysWatch Personal

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 06:03 PM PST

SafenSoft SysWatch Personal is a proactive computer protection relating to HIPS-class systems and, in contrast to the anti-virus, it is based on the control run and application behavior, rather than search the files sections of known malicious code based on the anti-virus and heuristic analysis. SysWatch protects your computer from all types of malware and hacker attacks, and protects your PC or laptop on the road, when there is no possibility of regular updates.

Proactive protection of computer class HIPS, based on control applications, eliminates the dependence on database update, because even the latest anti-virus does not guarantee the presence in them of all the malware samples. By monitoring applications, SafenSoft SysWatch prevent the introduction of any malicious code into the system, provides data security and system as a whole, effectively protecting your computer against the latest malicious code and viruses that are written in order.

Features SafenSoft SysWatch Personal:

Control of run unknown applications

Monitored applications, hidden running application is blocked, the launch of a new application is processed automatically or is suspended until the user: to perform, without limitation, to perform in a safe environment or block. Updates the installed applications are automatically recognized.

The control application activity

Monitored application access to the file system, registry keys, USB-drives. Controlled access to important areas of applications running. You can create individual rules for application access to resources for the protection of personal data and sensitive information.

The system of self-defense

Protection from disabling programs from malicious software. In addition, changing settings, and to remove the password protection is provided.

Control running applications

Monitored start-up and application behavior, rather than an analysis of their code. This allows us not to use anti-virus and block malicious activity before the release of patches, application vendors and update anti-virus signature database producers.

Dynamic Sandbox

Run unknown or potentially vulnerable applications, such as browsers, SysWatch provides a secure sandbox - "sandbox", so that they can not affect other processes or to harm the system. This allows you to block malicious activity before the release of antivirus database updates and vulnerabilities application vendors.

Safety of false positives

In the case of false positives HIPS system running the new application will be blocked, which does not affect the current configuration and operating system. Unlike SysWatch, anti-virus, based on code analysis, can detect an already running system process as malware and removed it, causing the system to crash.

No need for regular updates

Thanks to the work based on the list of trusted applications and control applications for the effective protection does not require regular updates and a connection to the Internet.

High speed

In the process, do not need to scan the code files, which minimizes the load on the processor and the number of accesses to the protected computer hard drive, saving battery power the laptop. The maximum system performance at a high level of protection.

At the core lies SysWatch patented application control VIPO ®, which combines three levels of protection:

DIC (Dynamic Integrity Control)

Protects all executable applications of the system, thanks to detect unauthorized attempts to start the process and prevents them from running before the process can damage the system. Keeps the system in a known-good state.

DSE (Dynamic Sandbox Execution)

A special environment for running potentially dangerous applications provides control of system privileges to block malicious actions. Protects your computer against application vulnerabilities.

DRC (Dynamic Resource Control)

Monitors access to the file system, registry keys, and access to external devices and network resources.

Enabling | Reg. Code: Present
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7.
Language: English + Russian
Size: 66.26 MB

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