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Jet Hornet

Jet Hornet

Options Remake of Tracks 2012 April 19

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 09:18 PM PDT

Artist: VA
Title: Options Remake of Tracks 2012 April 19
Style: Club / Progressive / House
Release Date: 22.04.2011•
Source: CDDA
Quality: 320 Kbps /Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 38 Tracks
Size: 547 Mb / 04:03:08 Min

01. George Siras Feat. Duane Harden - We All Need Love (Radio Edit) 03:25
02. Marco F Ft. Centia - Lacuna (Radio Edit) 03:18
03. Alien Design - Jumpin(Nickotronicradioedit) 03:11
04. Electro Blues - The Sheltering Sky (Antony Reale Vs Electro Blues Radio Edit) 03:33
05. Eric Morillo & Eddie Thoneck Feat. Skin - If This Ain't Love (Radio Edit) 03:12
06. Francesco Zeta - Rock N' Rave 03:45
07. Geovane Darabas - Full Moon (Ruffault Coastline Edit) 04:02
08. Mr Fix Dj - Feel Your Soul (Alternative Mix) 04:56
09. Klauss Goulart Ft. Kid Alien - All My Sorrows (Rain On Me) (Instrumental Version) 05:20
10. Amir Razanica - Chromossom 05:52
11. Dkult - Sunday Feelings (Dj Apois Remix) 05:01
12. Gee - Cherry (Original Mix) 05:41
13. Ferdas Digital - Deep Breath 05:43
14. Isaac Lozano Feat Thuria Sanchez - Sky 05:49
15. Dj Tom Vibe - Constellation (Club Mix) 05:57
16. Dj Dabion - Frequency 05:02
17. Alex Federer & Roborock - Everywhere (Superclub Extended Vocal Mix) 06:29
18. Dj Wank - Bongo Firefly 06:54
19. Marcel Ei Gio - Disorden 06:45
20. Little Sand - Duende 06:50
21. Atesh K. - The Remixes 1-A Chase Story. Asi Rmx 06:30
22. Mat-Ease - Sure Is Funky Now 06:05
23. Alex Tasty - My Soul 06:22
24. Mage - Cocktail Style 06:35
25. Ariel Medina - Standing Of Now (Dj Apois Remix) 07:06
26. Nicolas Dominguez - Pacifico 3000 07:07
27. Hugh Nue - Alguna Cosa Bien 07:52
28. Gabry C - Domingo 07:34
29. Martin Santos And Coen Dacosa - Together 07:38
30. Artful Dice - Early Night 07:13
31. Andrez D - Snatch (Original Mix) 07:26
32. New Hero - Black Cat 08:37
33. Eduardo De Leon - Licantropia (Dub Mix) 08:00
34. Leach & Lezizmo - Attraction 08:22
35. Dino Sor - Cry For You 09:37
36. Elektron M - Contact 09:08
37. Aargus - Mirage (Cj Art Back 2 Tribal Roots Dub) 10:19
38. Mr. Groove - Chervilo 10:31 


RealPlayer Plus

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 09:16 PM PDT

RealPlayer is the first product that integrates Real's revolutionary new Harmony technology. RealPlayer enables consumers to buy and download music that plays on more than 100 portable devices, including the Apple iPod. RealPlayer is the only digital-media player you need for finding and downloading new music, playing and managing audio and video clips, and taking your digital entertainment with you. RealPlayer offers a streamlined interface that allows you to keep your media library close at hand. Keep all your digital-media clips organized in one place; save CD tracks with one click; pause and rewind live streams; transfer music to CDs and portable devices effortlessly; and enjoy clear, smooth video playback and multichannel, surround-sound support. Helix Powered RealPlayer is the all-in-one digital media player that lets you find anything and play everything. This popular streaming-media player offers improved video controls and access to 3200 radio stations.

RealPlayer also includes an option during setup to install the Real Toolbar for Internet Explorer. With RealPlayer you get an improved graphic equalizer and media services, including a radio tuner and an artist and music guide. Meanwhile, the Take 5 news service can offer you daily sports updates. A contextual video search helps you find interviews with your favorite artists. The RealPlayer music store lets you buy music files. Finally, you can use the software to transfer files to CDs and portable devices.

Download Online Videos from Thousands of Web Sites
RealPlayer® SP lets you download online video from thousands of Websites – free! Plus, one–click video downloading means more time spent watching and less time feeling technologically challenged.

Convert Video
RealPlayer SP has a built–in free video and media converter, so now you can copy and transfer your favorite online and personal videos to your iTunes library, cell phone, iPod, BlackBerry, Xbox or PS3 with ease.

Share Videos on Facebook, Twitter and Email for Free
RealPlayer SP helps build your social network and your video library. Free video sharing has never been this easy or versatile. With RealPlayer® SP you simply download your video – then you've got the option of emailing it, posting it to your Facebook Profile, or adding the download to your Tweet on Twitter. Customize your message and you're good to go.

Burn Videos to DVD
RealPlayer SP Plus makes DVD burning easy. When it comes to DVD burning software, you want something that's fast, easy to use and can burn audio and video DVDs. RealPlayer SP Plus does all that – and more.

Video Features:
• Universal Player. Play every major media type, including Flash, Quicktime MPEG–4, Windows Media, DVDs and CDs.
• High Quality Video. Enjoy HD and near DVD–quality video and audio with your broadband connection.
• Works with iTunes. Transfer your favorite videos from thousands of Web sites to your iTunes library.
• LivePause & Perfect Play. Pause, rewind and fast–forward through live audio or video clips while they play. Create your own instant replays.
• Built-In Media Browser. The built-in media browser lets you to surf the Web while you're playing video clips or listening to music.

Audio Features:
• Advanced CD Burning. Rip, mix and burn CDs and MP3s fast. Normalize volume across your CD, set up crossfades and remove gaps between tracks.
• Advanced Audio. Take control with a 10–band equalizer. You can even convert vinyl, tape and voice to digital files.
• 10–Band Graphic EQ. Optimize your sound exactly the way you like it with a 10–band graphic equalizer. Adjust your EQ for room size, input type, and more.
• Crossfade. Crossfade between songs and add reverb to give your mixes a professional edge.
• Multiple Audio Formats. Supports audio CD, MP3, WMA, AAC, RealAudio Lossless, and many more.
• Surround Sound. RealPlayer supports 5-channel audio and a dedicated sub-woofer channel.
• RealAudio Lossless Format. Our new format allows you to burn high-quality CDs using only half the disk space of the standard CD audio format.
• Visualizations. Make your music look as cool as it sounds with many colorful, animations that move to the music.


Internet Download Manager 6.11 Build 5 Final

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 09:11 PM PDT

Internet Download Manager (IDM) - a program that allows you to increase the speed of file downloads at times, resume and schedule downloads. Various methods for speeding up downloads, dynamic file segmentation and multipart downloading at the same time, the use of free and open connections without reconnect and more. Built-in dialer to connect to the schedule. support for firewalls, proxies and mirrors, FTP and HTTP protocols, redirects, cookies, download queues, authorization polzovatelya.Internet Download Manager integrates with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, Opera and Mozilla, and automatically captures zakachki.Kompleksnaya analysis of errors and possible resume, will help to continue interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and user friendly.

Internet Download Manager has a multilanguage interface, ample opportunities for setting up, loaded skins, supports proxy servers, protocols, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS, work behind a firewall, forwarding files, working with files, cookie, download with authorization, the contents of files ZIP, category, handles the content of MP3-audio and MPEG-video, and supports a large number of server platforms. IDM integrates seamlessly into such browsers as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, MSN Explorer, Opera, and Mozilla to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer.

Unlike other download managers and accelerators, where the files are segmented before downloading, Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process. In addition, Internet Download Manager reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.
When IDM is running, it displays its icon in the taskbar at the pyramids. Menu IDM can be caused by right-clicking on the icon. You can close the IDM, selecting "Exit" from the menu.

Features of IDM:
- Dynamic file segmentation, which uses a rule of division into two parts
- Repeated use of compounds that have completed their parts of the file without any additional stages login
- Customizable timeout and the number of connections for IDM settings for your connection type

What's new in version 6.11 beta
Added support for Firefox 13
Added support for SeaMonkey 2.8
Improved Advanced browser integration
Fixed bugs

Year: 2012
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: Ml


Sonic PDF Creator v3.0.4.0

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 09:10 PM PDT

Create professional looking and secure PDF documents from hundreds of Windows applications. A simple to use interface with value added features you'll need, like batch conversion, watermarking, PDF merging and splitting & more.

Investintech is excited to announce Sonic PDF Creator 3.0. This all new version adds a new GUI that improves usability and functionality when performing certain PDF tasks. Now we've pushed that boundary a little further. Creating and securing your PDF documents can't get any simpler than this.


BB FlashBack Pro

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 09:03 PM PDT

The program for those who make the various manuals for the programs, presentations, help, etc. With it you can record everything that happens on the desktop in Flash, AVI, WMV, EXE or PowerPoint file, adding comments or music. The program includes an editor that allows you to edit your "movie" after the recording and the player to watch.

Program BB FlashBack, while in the system tray on your team, with sound records all events occurring on the screen or the screen. Danuyu program can be used to explain the remote user as one or another program for the presentation of their own skills, etc. The video can provide text, pictures and sounds. You can also write a separate comment, and then add it to the roller. Powerful editing functions allow you to "erase" entry, delete mistakes and move parts anywhere, and keep track of the size of the resulting video.
BB FlashBack can also be used to create high quality videos and presentations of the audience at a high level.

Main features of BB FlashBack:
- Add text, images, sound.
- Write your comment in parallel with the recording of the video. Then add MP3 or WAV sounds.
- Ability to select from a variety of styles to create the desired image.
- Powerful editing functions allow you to "erase" entry, delete mistakes and move parts anywhere.
- A flexible form of publication.
- Available for all audiences. Export to Flash, AVI, WMV, EXE and PowerPoint.
- You decide what will be presented. Full control of sound, image and file size.
- Full control system during the Flash and EXE exports.
- Certification for Windows.
- Microsoft has certified the product BB FlashBack as "designed for Windows XP». The product was not a test of Microsoft to obtain such guarantees.

BBFlashBack is an easy-to-use application that captures all Windows desktop activity to a movie, recording exactly what you see on your computer.It comes complete with a built-in editor that allows you to annotate movies with text and record a spoken commentary . Publisher edition can export to Flash and AVI formats so movies can be embedded in web pages and documents.

Desktop edition includes a simple 'Send Report' function that attaches the last few minutes of screen activity to an incident report mail. High performance technology means recording runs in the background and is almost undetectable on modern PCs.

Uses include PC support and software demonstration or tutorial creation.

Key features
- Record and replay movies of your screen.
- Export movie to Macromedia Flash format.
- Export movie to AVI file.
- Export movie to WMV file.
- Export movie to standalone EXE file.
- Full PowerPoint plug in and support.
- Selectable codecs for AVI and WMV formats.
- Create / edit HTML templates for web movies.
- Record sound through microphone.
- Import audio files.
- Automatically change screen resolution during recording.
- Auto switch-off for Windows graphic effects.
- Set plain desktop wallpaper while recording.
- Hide desktop icons while recording.
- Capture all sound playing through system.
- Keystroke logging and playback.
- Hotkey control.
- Capture only last selected number of minutes.
- Compatibility mode for recording on older PCs.
- Check for updates wizard.
- Navigate by selected movie event.
- Framebar shows all movie activity.
- Search movie for text string.
- Add textboxes and annotations.
- Colour fades, shadows and transparency effects on text.
- Recently recorded movies list.
- Import images files into movie.
- Convert selected frame to bitmap file.
- Set custom frame rates.
- Spilt or merge frames.
- Insert or erase footage.
- Zoom function.
- Auto fit to window or movie size.
- Cut and paste footage inside or between movies.
- Toggle show / hide mouse cursor at selected points.
- Re-record mouse retrospectively after screen capture.
- Sound tracks manager to control audio positions and volumes.
- Movie clipping to reduce your movie to a selected area.
- Speed ​​or slow movies at selected points.
- Send movie by email option.
- Insert 'click to continue' pauses.
- Bookmark movie with markers.
- Jump to specified frame.
- Preview frame window for better navigation.
- Volume controls.
- Range of control-bar designs for Flash movies.
- Export sound to MP3.
- Events drag and drop support.
- Autoscroll option to link view to mouse movement.
- Customisable editor toolbar

OS: Windows
Language: english
Size: 11.95 Mb

Hitzone 61

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 09:01 PM PDT

Artist: VA
Title: Hitzone 61
Label: Universal Music
Style: Club / Dance / House
Release Date: 20.04.2011•
Source: CDDA
Quality: 320 Kbps /Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 40 Tracks
Size: 341 Mb / 02:09:19 Min

01. Train - Drive By 03:15
02. Flo Rida Ft. Sia - Wild Ones 03:53
03. Katy Perry - Part Of Me 03:34
04. Triggerfinger - I Follow Rivers (Live@Giel) 03:35
05. Ed Sheeran - Lego House 03:04
06. John Mayer - Shadow Days 03:52
07. Madonna Ft. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A. - Give Me All Your Luvin' 03:20
08. Afrojack & Shermanology - Can't Stop Me 03:20
09. Joan Franka - You And Me 03:01
10. The Babysitters Circus - Everything's Gonna Be Alright 04:01
11. Shary-An - Read My Book 03:29
12. Azealia Banks Ft. Lazy Jay - 212 03:24
13. Di-Rect - Long Way Home 04:07
14. Hot Chelle Rae Ft. New Boyz - I Like It Like That 03:08
15. Morning Parade - Under The Stars 04:15
16. Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music 03:48
17. Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) 03:41
18. Only Seven Left - Love Will Lighten The Dark 03:04
19. Taio Cruz - Troublemaker 03:39
20. Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso Ft. Ryan Tedder - Calling (Losing My Mind) 03:18
21. Birdy - People Help The People 04:15
22. Lloyd Ft André 3000 - Decidation To My Ex (Miss That) 03:57
23. Emeli Sandé - Next To Me 03:15
24. Gavin Degraw - Soldier 03:30
25. Adele - Turning Tables 04:08
26. Lmfao - Sorry For Party Rocking 03:24
27. Marlon Roudette - New Age 03:13
28. Keane - Silenced By The Night 03:15
29. David Guetta Ft. Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On 03:19
30. Waylon - Lose It 03:23
31. Dj Fresh Ft. Rita Ora - Hot Right Now 02:58
32. Chris Hordijk - Won't You Stay 03:12
33. Racoon - Don't Give Up The Fight 03:29
34. Redlight - Get Out Of My Head 02:34
35. Usher - Climax 03:53
36. Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up 03:50
37. Bob Sinclar Ft. Pitbull, Dragonfly & Fatman Scoop - Rock The Boat 03:08
38. Rochelle - What A Life 02:41
39. Vanvelzen - The Rush Of Life 03:50
40. Bingo Players Ft. Heather Bright - Don't Blame The Party (Mode) 03:00


Salfeld Child Control 2012 12.413

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 08:58 PM PDT

Salfeld Child Control - a program limits the time spent with your children at the computer as soon as the allotted time is finished, the computer automatically shuts down and re-entry will be possible only after entering a password. Restrictions can be entered as the overall time (eg, not more than 1 hour per day), and over a period of time when you can work (for example, from 22:00 to 8:00 AM Access is denied.) In addition, the program allows you to prevent unwanted visits sites and block access to certain drives or folders. You can set the starting block certain programs and changes to the registry. The program keeps a log file of all events.


Create accounts for each user
Limitation of time
Turn off the computer or internet connection timer
Determination of limit on the number of hours spent on the Internet
Filtering inappropriate content on the Internet
Set a time limit for each program separately
Blocking of the important functions of the system
Invisible mode of the program
Email account - notification of the computer
Accounting for holidays, which may increase a child hours of play on the computer
Support for domain and workgroup

Remote control of the Internet:

Starting with Child Control 2009 can modify the most important settings, or view the session log directly into the Internet. No matter where you are. No matter what browser you use. This feature is part of the Internet functions.

Protection against load MP3 files and file sharing
More and more reports of legal action against downloading MP3 files. The latest version allows you to block the latest version of the file-sharing programs by pressing a single button.

Blocking nearly one million unwanted sites
We have grouped the nearly one million unwanted sites in nine categories, and make available an updated list every day.

More control over the programs
Decide whether the program should be allowed, blocked, or limited time. Use either the name of the exe-file or an application for their determination.

You can now also restrict the use of certain programs at certain times - for example, no chat program after 8:30 pm

Year: 2012
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: english
Medicine: present


Nokia Suite 3.3.89

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 08:53 PM PDT

Nokia Ovi Suite - a set of software tools for use with mobile phones Nokia, which is a further development of Nokia PC Suite. With the Nokia Ovi Suite you can effortlessly adjust the data and transfer them to your Nokia device to your computer and vice versa. This is an application designed to run on a PC, has been completely redesigned. It has become easier, more powerful, faster, and now the important information is always at your fingertips ...

Ovi Suite allows you to do the following:
synchronize the phone with the online service Ovi
Synchronize your mobile phone and computer (supported by work with the IR port, Bluetooth and a cable)
back up files from your phone
transmit to the mobile phone pictures, ringtones and video files
edit the phone book
install different applications (Java and Symbian)
view and delete SMS and MMS
use your phone as a modem (if supported by phone) to connect to the Internet
update your phone software
download maps for Nokia Maps

Year: 2012
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7
Language: multilingual (including Russian)
Crack: not needed
Size: 87.9 MB

Nokia PC Suite

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 08:44 PM PDT

Nokia PC Suite - utiltita designed for use with mobile phones. Nokia PC Suite combines a variety of options to do the following operations: synchronize your mobile phone and computer (supported by work with the IR port or cable), "fill" in the cell phone pictures and phone calls, phone book editing, install different game Java application, see multimedia messages, use the phone as a modem (if supported), etc. For owners of phones from Nokia, this program - a real find.

With Nokia PC Suite you can:
• Manage your device calendar in a calendar viewer Nokia Communication Centre
• Create and delete contact groups on your device, and add and remove group members
• Receive notification on your PC when battery is low on your phone
• calls start to receive incoming calls from the Nokia Communication Centre
• Save your battery by disabling the device in the settings of notifications of calls, SMS and battery level

Year: 2012
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


GiliSoft RamDisk 4.6

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 07:30 PM PDT

GiliSoft RamDisk - program to create a virtual hard disk, which is similar to the physical. You choose its size (depending on the amount of RAM in the system), drive letter and file system. You can copy, move and delete files on it as on the physical and diske.Kak physical disk, RAM disk can be shared so that other computers on the network have access to it.

GiliSoft RAMDisk appears like a physical hard disk to the operating system and programs. You choose its size (depending on the amount of RAM in your system), drive letter, and file system. You can copy, move and delete files on it. Like a physical disk, a RAM disk can also be shared so as to be accessed by other computers on a network! The RAM disk bypasses the system hard drive, which is the slowest part of a computer. Freeing your data storage and retrieval from this mechanical disk gives your system an immediate boost.

Features and Benefits:
- Lightning Speed
Use the RAMDisk, to increase efficiency and accelerate data access.
- Quiet Operation
In contrast to the system hard disk, RAMDisk does not contain any moving parts to generate noise and heat.
- Extend the life of a hard disk
For a long time to run a program leads to the fact that the sector of the hard drive will read and write more often, would be bad disk sectors. Using the RAMDisk, you can avoid such a situation.
- Privacy Policy
Another reason to use the RAM disk is security and privacy.
- Compatibility with FAT / NTFS / exFAT

Year: 2012
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Language: English
Medicine: Keymaker-LnDL
Size: 1.4 MB



Posted: 23 Apr 2012 07:08 PM PDT

MyPC is a professional and reliable application designed to provide you with basic hardware information about your computer. You will be able to view information about your CPU, folders, memory, display, BIOS and many others. It also features a control center much similar to the Control Panel of Windows.

Here are some key features of "MyPC":

· System infos: OS version, Servicepack, IE version, DirectX u.s.w.
· CPU data
· System folders
· Network: IP adress, Computer name, Workgroup, Online connection etc.
· Memory load
· Display infos
· Power state (if relevant)
· Current content of the clipboard,
· Clear clipboard
· Control center
· Cleaner removes redundant files
· Secure delete overwrites files
· Fast file search etc.


priPrinter Professional Edition Final

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 07:07 PM PDT

priPrinter - a printer driver that allows you to manage and edit the document before you print on your printer. This tool is installed in the same way as regular drivers for printers and can be used as the default printer. After printing the selected document, the program automatically starts a window for editing a document, which must be raspchatan. In this window, you are allowed to customize the pages, add some effects to the kind of document do scrap paper and much more. In addition, the interface is translated into several languages, including Russian.

priPrinter is a printer driver that allows you to manipulate printer output before it is printed. priPrinter is installed and selected in the same way as other printer drivers. After printing it automatically displays print preview where you can preview your printings, change layout, reposition pages, crop them and many more. After that you print it to the real printer or save your document for later using. With priPrinter you always will be sure how your printings will look. You may measure items on the paper, define margins and pages layout. There is no need to print again and again trying to achieve desired placement.

Key features:
"Pre-view the documents before the conclusion of the final print in several ways
"Print documents to image files
"Leaflets and posters
"Two-sided printing
"Application to Print
"Tools," magnifying glass "
"Circumcision and cutting instrument
"Delete empty sections and pages of information over-
"The function of undo and redo
"The small size distribution and fast
"Saving the job printing to a file
"Managing from the system tray
"Multi-language interface

Several issues in scripting engine are fixed (PRO).
Reverse Pages option in print wizard dialog is now separated for singe and double sided mode.
Fixed an inconsistent behavior in built in text editor. Related to using delete key (PRO).
Fixed an issue with copying area to clipboard in 3d view mode.
Help for poster dialog was added.
Few fixes in Arabic translation
Year: 2012
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: Ml
Medicine: (patch-Pafnutiy761 v4)

ESET Keys Collection - 23 APRIL 2012

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 07:13 AM PDT

At ESET, we are dedicated to developing high-performing security solutions for home users and corporate customers, detecting and disabling all known and emerging forms of malware.

Our extensive line of solutions protects across all types of environments and platforms from workstations and servers to mobile devices, helping our clients maintain maximum protection across all types of environments. The superior detection capabilities and low system requirements of our solutions have, and continue to be recognized by independent antimalware testing organizations.

"At ESET, we are dedicated to developing high-performing security solutions for home users and corporate customers, keeping out all known and emerging forms of malware."Miroslav Trnka, Co-Founder of ESET

Founded in 1992, ESET is headquartered in Bratislava Slovakia, with offices in San Diego, USA; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Prague, Czech Republic, and Singapore. ESET has an extensive partner and reseller network spanning more than 180 countries worldwide. In 2008, ESET opened a new research and development center in Krakow, Poland to continue to deliver innovation in countering the growing volumes and sophistication of cyberthreats.

ESET was named to Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the region of Europe, Middle East and Africa. In 2010, ESET was included in Gartner's "Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Platforms," based on assessment of security solutions protecting corporate network environment for the SMB and enterprise market.

Hard Drive Inspector 3.98.438 Pro & for Notebooks + Portable

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 07:07 AM PDT

Hard Drive Inspector - a powerful and effective in the work program that allows you to easily monitor the status of the hard drive of your PC. Through the use of technology SMART, Hard Drive Inspector allows you to predict possible HDD failure before it happens, that allows you to create backups of important data and store it. The program has flexible settings, allowing the utility to fully customize to fit your needs.

The value of data stored on the hard drive often exceeds the value of the computer itself. When a drive fails (which happens quite often), the stored information will be lost fully or partially. Using the technology of SMART, Hard Drive Inspector can monitor the current state of various life-critical parameters describing the reliability and performance of the disk. Analyzes this data and warns the user if the parameters indicate a critical reduction of disk reliability. This is in many cases to prevent loss of information.

Key osobennsti:
- SMART Technology allows to predict the possible failure of the HDD
- Create a backup of important information
- Flexible configuration that allows you to completely customize the tool to fit your needs.
- User friendly multilingual interface

added the support the Toshiba Stor.E Steel series external drives
added the support the Seagate Expansion external drives

Year: 2012
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: Ml
Medicine: patch-zoo
Size: 3.4 MB

Download Pro

Download Notebooks:

MPC HomeCinema (x86/x64)

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 07:04 AM PDT

MPC HomeCinema is comfortable in all plans for the media player. It was built on the basis of a classical player Media Player Classic and one of the best collections of media codecs ffdshow, and thus can play many formats of video and audio files without installing external codecs. This player has a large number of different functionalities: it can play DVD disks, the hardware is able to decode H.264 format popular on the latest generation graphics cards, knows how to work correctly with the second monitor (TV), supports the various type of subtitles can work with QuickTime and RealVideo formats etc. The player is small and completely understandable, and not overloaded functions redundant interface translated into 14 languages.

It has full compatibility with Windows XP, Vista and Se7en. Media Player Classic Home Cinema is an extremely light-weight media player for Windows. It looks just like Windows Media Player, but has many additional features. You can use the player as a Media Player Classic Home Theater.

Supported Decoding:
MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 playback. Media Player Classic is capable of VCD, SVCD and DVD playback, without the need to install any additional software or codecs.
It has built-in codecs for MPEG-2 video and codecs for LPCM, MP2, AC3 and DTS audio, and also contains an improved MPEG splitter that supports playback of VCDs and SVCDs using its VCD/SVCD/XCD Reader. A *.mp4 and MPEG-4 Timed Text support added. An AAC decoding filter makes MPC suitable for AAC playback in MP4.
MPC Home Cinema also has H.264 and VC-1 with DXVA support, DivX, Xvid, and Flash Video formats is available in MPC HC. MPC can also use the QuickTime and the RealPlayer architectures. Media Player Classic supports native playback of OGM and Matroska container formats.

Supported Video, Audio and Image File Formats:


Additional Player Features

* Option to remove Tearing.
* Better support for Windows Vista, including a release for 64 bits platform.
* Support for EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer)
* Supports Subtitles.
* Playback and recording of television if a supported TV tuner is installed.
* Creation of minidump when MPC HC crashes.
* OSD (On Screen Display)
* Shuttle PN31 remote control support
* Support Multi-Monitor configuration
* Pixel shader to convert BT601 - BT701
* YV12 Chroma Upsampling pixel shader
* Language Translations.
* All features from the Guliverkli MPC Project from Gabest.
FULL = Program (Last version) + Filters Pack (full)
Download x86/x64

Revo Uninstaller Pro 2.5.8

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 07:03 AM PDT

Revo Uninstaller - A utility for removing unwanted applications installed on your computer. The program has advanced scanning algorithm of the system before and after installation and allows you to remove remaining after the uninstall files, folders and registry keys. The unique "Hunter mode" offers a simple but effective tools to manage (uninstall, stop, delete, disable from auto starting) and to obtain information about your installed and / or running programs. Revo Uninstaller also offers an additional 8 different tools to clean your system.

- Easy and accurate Uninstalling applications
- Ability to view details of all installed applications
- Innovative mode "Hunter" to uninstall and remove applications
- Support the method «Drag & Drop»
- View and manage applications that automatically start when Windows starts
- Removal of unnecessary and temporary files from your system
- Quick access to the built-in Windows tools
- Cleaning up the history in browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Netscape
- Delete files without any possibility of recovery
- And more ...

Fixed minor bugs
Updated language files

Year: 2012
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: Ml (Russian)
Medicine: (Patch-JohnWho)
Size: 7.8 MB


Sumatra PDF 2.1.6393

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 07:02 AM PDT

Sumatra PDF - easy image viewer PDF, DjVu, XPS, CBR, CBZ-files. The program works fast, has a very simple design, does not load the system can be run from external USB-card. The minimalist design of the program is more than compensated by its very brisk work that distinguishes Sumatra PDF from the same Adobe Reader. This version improves handling of documents added to the settings dialog, improved handling of Unicode, added the ability to not record the history of viewed files, improved support for SyncTeX, introduced a new icon for the PDF-files, and bug fixes. The main priority and the benefit of the program is its simplicity and high performance. It remains to add that in addition to other advantages of Sumatra PDF is also completely free and distributed, including, and based on open source.
 The portable version runs without installation on your computer

Key features:
• view files in PDF, DjVu, XPS, CBR, CBZ, CHM
• simple design
• High speed.

Name of Program: Sumatra PDF

Official site: Sumatra PDF
Language: Multi
Year: 2012
Medicine: not required


TweakNow RegCleaner 2012 7.1.0

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 07:02 AM PDT

TweakNow RegCleaner 2012 helps to clean the registry of unnecessary entries. All applications with which you work, when uninstalling should remove all entries made by them in the registry. However, many programs do not. Because of this, the registry becomes full redundant entries and is growing in size, which in turn leads to a slowing down of the system. TweakNow RegCleaner quickly scan your registry, finds unused values ​​and removes them. This program creates a file rollback, which will help to restore the original values, if the work of the program you're not satisfied.

TweakNow RegCleaner Features:

Fast: using a high performance engine, TweakNow RegCleaner quickly scan your registry to find obsolete entries.
Accurate: using complex algorithm TweakNow RegCleaner accurately identify obsolete entries.
Secure: TweakNow RegCleaner automatically create backup file before deleting obsolete entries from your registry.
Flexible License: TweakNow RegCleaner available in two licenses, commercial and non commercial (free).

What's new in this version:

General: added support for Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
General: Minor improvements and bug fixes.

360Amigo System Speedup Pro

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 07:01 AM PDT

360Amigo System Speedup - a package of tools that will help you optimize your computer and fix errors in his work. In 360Amigo System Speedup includes tools to clean your system, its optimization and a large collection of tools designed specifically to improve computer performance. These include modules for deduplication, encryption, restore and permanently delete files, advanced process manager, and much more.

• System Cleaner
• The solution with a single click
• System Scan Scheduler
• Fix common problems immediately
• Cleaning the registry errors
• Remove the hidden trace representation Privacy
• Remove private data
• System Optimizer
• Test drives at startup
• Provides a complete list of performance of Internet connections
• Stop unused and malicious computer processes
• Remove unnecessary programs from startup
• Provides for the defragmentation of files and folders
• Disk Tools
• Provides a list of installed drivers
• Provide information about your whole computer system
• Provides file recovery
• Manage / Remove system restore points

Operating System: Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Released: 2012
Language: Multilanguage
Size: 3.14 MB

Ashampoo Photo Commander 10.0.1

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 06:19 AM PDT

Ashampoo Photo Commander - a new version of the program, which is a versatile set of tools for working with digital images, and now with support for video and audio. Allows you to comfortably view your digital photos in a convenient way to organize their storage and sorting on the computer hard drive, also has an option to create slide shows and burning it to CD / DVD drives. Built-in image editor allows you to adjust brightness and contrast of an image or a separate piece, rotate the image, mirror it, print and send digital photos via email. It works with RAW files and it is possible to be used as a media player. The seventh version has several improvements, including hardware-accelerated 3D, to create panoramas, the new advanced search features and other improvements.

Ashampoo Photo Commander helps you organize and view your photos, edit and improve them, all in one program. In addition, the program can manage your audio and video files. The process of work is reduced to a few keystrokes - add frame, edit your photos, create greeting cards, collages and slide shows, burn photos to CD / DVD or put them on the website, and much more. A new intuitive interface allows you to always see what functions are available, so simple that it is not necessary to refer to manual. The program supports over 60 image, audio and video formats.

Key features:
* Use quick tools for common operations with a few clicks
* Edit objects and the use of layers for editing
* Infinite undo and redo
* Display detailed EXIF ​​/ IPTC information on photos
* Set photos of top rated on a five-point scale
* Support for sorting photos by rating
* Enhanced thumbnails images compressed without losing quality
* Advanced search images in sub-folders, and according to EXIF ​​/ IPTC information
* New screen capture technology, including the seizure of unusual forms of windows, Vista Aero Glass effects, etc.
* Built-in wizards for novice users
* Sending pictures by e-mail as a PDF file
* Create a slide show with sound
* Tools recording drives CD / DVD
* Ability to work in batch mode
* Create web albums for publishing on the Internet
* Save images in the PDF file
* Edit photos using unique tools
* Merge multiple photos to create unusual effects
* Create collages, calendars, cards and photo frames
* The use of skins for the interface
* Multilingual support, including the Russian language
* Supports over 60 media formats, image, audio and video files

New in version 9:
"A lot of improvements in the user interface
"The new regime calendar: sorting photos by date
"A new function to add descriptions to photos
"Improved tools for editing
"Instant printing for one or more photos
"Improved full-screen viewing photos and video
"A quick photo viewer with enhanced scalability
"The new, more efficient method for finding duplicate photos
"Improved quality of photos when resizing
"New effects for your photos
"And the other improvements and new features 

Operating System: Windows ® XP / Vista / Seven
Language: Multilanguage
Released: 2012

Size: 143 MB


Posted: 23 Apr 2012 06:17 AM PDT

Video2Webcam - a program to communicate in video chat rooms. This utility can be used even if you do not have a webcam - you'll just broadcast video or pictures, instead of streaming the image.

A. Broadcast video clips during video chat
Two. Send a self-made videos
Three. Two modes of operation: real and virtual camera
4. Supports AVI, ASF, FLV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, RAM, RM, RMVB, WMV, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc.
Five. Works with all software that supports webcam.

Key Features:
Show video clips during video chat:
· You could either share your home made videos with your family or make fun of your friends by pretending to be somebody else.
Work even without a real webcam:
· Play a variety of videos on messengers no matter whether you have a real webcam or not.
Support all kinds of media file formats:
· Include video formats (avi, asf, flv, mp4, mpeg, mpg, ram, rm, rmvb, wmv and etc.) And picture formats (jpg, gif, bmp, png and etc.).
Work for all webcam programs:
· MSN, Camfrog, Skype, ICQ, AIM, Paltalk, Yahoo Messenger, ANYwebcam, Stickam, ICUII, Ustream.tv, iSpQ

Year: 2012
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: English
Medicine: (patch & keygen-AT4RE)
Size: 5.7 MB

Hide Folders 2009 v3.9 Build

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 06:16 AM PDT

Hide Folders 2009 - is a handy tool for hiding your sensitive information from outsiders. The program allows you to hide entire folders on computers running Windows 2000/XP. Very convenient and easy to use, simply drag the folder in the concealed window and pressing a single button. Hide Folders 2009 program has been specifically designed to help you keep your secrets secret. The following are just some of the characteristics of programs that allow it to effectively and simply solve the problem of protecting your privacy.

Features and capabilities of the program:
• Effective protection methods allow you to protect files and folders from other users on Windows XP and Windows Vista.
• Hidden files and folders are available only to you and nobody else.
• 4 protection methods available: Hide, Lock, Hide & Lock, Read Only.
• Supports all file systems: NTFS, FAT, FAT32
• It supports file masks, which allow you to protect only certain file types
• Unlimited number of protected sites.
• "Trusted Processes", allow you to back up your files in a secure state.
• The program does not modify the file system - all the protection provided by the file driver.
• Password protection on startup Hide Folders 2009.
• Password protection removal program Hide Folders 2009.
• Removing Hide Folders 2009 manual does not lead to the disclosure of information
• When you try to delete top-level folders, secure files and folders are not deleted.
• Many options to hide the traces of hidden files and the program itself.
• Anti-lock system folders.
• Stealth Mode - Driver protection is not visible in the Task Manager Windows.
• Data protection in security Windows.
• Shortcuts.
• Manage the command line.
• Integration with Windows Explorer
• Protect folders, called on Russian and other languages.
• Intuitive and simple user interface Maskimalno supporting sobstennyh visual styles.

Features and benefits
- Effective protection methods allow you to hide folders out from users and applications in Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
- Nobody but you will access your hidden folders.
- 4 protection methods available: Hide, Lock, Hide & Lock, Read Only
- NTFS, FAT32 and FAT volumes are supported.
- File masks support.
- Unlimited number of folders can be protected at the same time.
- Trusted processes support - processes which are permitted to access the protected data.
- No file system structure modifications will occur.
- Effective password protection when running program.
- Effective password protection when uninstalling program.
- Removing Hide Folders 2009 folder from the system will not uncover hidden folders.
- Files from hidden folders will not be lost even if someone tries to remove an upper-level folder.
- Clear recent documents option. Hide Folders 2009 clears records of recently accessed documents if these documents reside in the hidden folders.
- Clear Recycle Bin items originally located in hidden folders.
- Secure Hide Folders 2009 by removing itself from the list of mostly used programs (Windows start menu).
- Secure Hide Folders 2009 by removing itself from Add / Remove software Control Panel applet.
- Hide Folders 2009 will not hide your Windows, Windows System folders and Windows partition root folders - so careless using of Hide Folders 2009 would not bring the system down.
- True stealth mode - you cannot detect the program with Windows Task Manager.
- Safe mode support - The folders can be hidden even if your computer is running in safe mode.
- Hot keys to manage basic Hide Folders 2009 functions.
- Command line support of all main Hide Folders 2009 functions.
- Support of folders named with national language symbols.
- Hide Folders 2009 is multilingual software, its user interface supports different languages ​​and can be easily translated to new languages.
- Intuitive and extremely easy-to-use user interface with visual styles support.

Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: ML / Russian
Tablet: serial RBC
Size: 1.56 MB


PowerISO 5.1

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 06:15 AM PDT

PowerISO - allows you to create, convert, extract, compress, edit and encrypt images of CD / DVD, and open them using the built-in emulator. The program uses a technology called compression-decompression in real-time image files with the extension of DAA, which significantly reduces the size of image files. Files Images can be cut into pieces of various sizes and in a compressed form to send through e-mail programs or write to other media. Most importantly - files can be used directly without decompressing. It works with all major formats of images: ISO, BIN, NRG, CDI, DAA, MDF, BWI, B5I, LCD, CIF, P01, PDI, NCD, PXI, GI, FCD, VCD, C2D. There is a built-in emulator CD / DVD-drive. There is the possibility of creating avtozagruzochnyh fayloobrazov. The program integrates with Windows shell, has a high speed, simple and intuitive interface.

What's New in This Release:
Improve Blu-ray disc burning.
Some minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Year: 2012
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: multilanguage
Medicine: present
Size: 6.4 MB

Download PowerISO 5.1

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